About Us

missy-e1501878287229.jpgMy name is Missy, I am a mom to a beautiful little girl, wife to a very supportive husband and work as a 4K Teachers Assistant. I feel that my job as a teachers assistant is kind of my Clark Kent job, Teacher Assistant by day Super Nerd by Night! I live through books, graphic novels as well as comics. I have a home library that is filled with amazing science fiction, fandom and YA books with an amazing array of comics throughout.

I am a proud maker and writer.  When I am not writing I love to make hand made jewelry, canvas and framed art all out of books and comics that I am proud to say that I have rescued from being thrown in the garbage. I have always written, I wanted to bring together my love of everything literary and some of the most amazing shows and conventions that we go to. So this blog will go through shows I have been to, things you can’t miss and the amazing people I run into along the way.