Our journey to Celebration – 43 days to go!

Few times in my life have I ever been so excited. I will not lie going getting ready for any Star Wars or Geek event that I know amazing cosplayers will be there makes me so happy.

Trying to be cool with Darth Maul

Now do I know that these men and women are not the real actors, yes my brain says “Whoa Missy, not the real guy!” my heart says differently, it goes into a frantic “OH MY GOD MISSY ITS DARTH MAUL” or My favorite “OH MY GOD LOOK ITS (insert absolutely any Star Wars character)!!!” ha ha ha this is my life.

So now this picture is of me at Discovery World in Milwaukee this past year. At this event, there were so many amazing Star Wars cosplayers that my brain went into absolute overdrive and mind you I was supposed to be a vendor at this event. So that brings me to this. My husband and I go to the Star Wars celebration in 43 days. Next to my wedding and the birth of my beautiful daughter, pictured here with R2D2 and a Storm Trooper because this mom raised her right, is one of the best days of my life.

Now I am starting to prep myself for Celebration because I ultimately feel like the days we will be there will be a whirlwind and like my wedding where I don’t remember a lot because I am so excited. So this is my plan I am going to start writing a journal of my time getting ready for this amazing event. Not only then will I be able to share my excitement through the experience of our first celebration but I can document our time there and what we see and do.

Please comment on if you have been to the celebration in the past and give me your thoughts and tips!

Let this begin! Watch for videos from this as well!

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