Yah of course the gift was for him….

     How many times have you received an amazing gift but knew deep down the person who gave it to you wanted it for themselves? Well, this is what my husband got to experience, let us go on this little adventure together, shall we. Looking at my calendar I saw that as of today, there are just 225 days until the Star Wars Celebration which was the cause of this article.

**Let’s all get into the DeLorean and go back in time to June 2018**

analog clock sketch in black surface

Photo by Pexels.com

     It is June 5th and I know that Star Wars Celebration tickets go on sale. My husband is home and I can not let him find out I am getting these. This will be the best fathers day gift ever, well fathers day, birthday, anniversary and Christmas altogether. I keep looking to make sure he can’t see what I am doing, I have two other browsers open so that at a moments notice I can flip to Facebook or to my favorite book site. I got the tickets! I almost wanted to scream! Wait, a hotel. We need to get a hotel. It was like I was playing all of those hotel commercials in my head trying to remember what sites to go to. But when you are on a high of Star Wars Celebration you need one thing, watch what you spend, you want excitement, not divorce.

     You know I think we need to hop back into the DeLorean and you need to come back 15 years with me real fast to understand why these tickets meant so much to me.

     In 2003, I started to date my husband and he was a huge Star Wars fan and I had never seen them before so he wanted me to watch them. I refused for a long time because ugh com3D-black-hole_0e on they are going to be so dumb! Watching A New Hope was like being thrown into a giant black hole. I was falling hard and fast into it and could not stop watching. Like being sucked into a black hole my old life was now on the other side and I was now and forever will be a Star Wars enthusiast.

     I have joined Mandalorian groups, my wardrobe is 75% Star Wars (thankfully I work as a 4K Educational Assistant so those clothes are fun and the kids love it), I had to make a bookshelf just for the amount of Star Wars books I own (thank you Del Rey) and my basement work area looks like Lando and all the other scoundrel scavengers threw all their amazing finds in my area and said “Here find a place for this.” My life has become nothing but a following of Sci-Fi and I could not be any happier with my life, to be honest. When I have people tell me they do not like Sci-Fi my brain explodes and collapses a little because I can not understand how people can not all be in a sci-fi world with me.

     To say the least I think I am now a bigger Star Wars fan but it is totally his fault…right?

     So now you can see why when I told people what I got my husband they were asking right away, did you get this for him or for you?

     Why I wanted to write this is because there is a horrible doomsday countdown clock until I go back to work for this upcoming school year and I as I get ready I see how my life has changed since 15 years ago. How many of you have bought something and had the back thought of is this for me or for them? How many of you turned to a nerd later in life like me? How many of you would not change what makes you different for anything? Having something that makes you unique is something you need to put out there for everyone to see and be damn proud of it. Remember Be Yourself and Nerd Proudly.

photo of room full of toys

Photo by Alex Broski on Pexels.com

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