ExpectoCon- our first con!

The Rustic Huntress attended our very first con- that is first of many, I am expecting! We had the amazing privilege of being a vendor at the very first ExpectoCon in Middleton WI. ExpectoCon was a wizards and witches weekend, pretty much a fully immersive school for us wizards and witches for 3 days! Including an extensive vendor hall, cafe and of course a crystal ball! During this 3-day event, students got to meet none other than Stanislav Yanevski (Viktor Krum) as well as Gary Gygax! Yes, none other than fantasy role-playing game co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons Mr. Gary Gygax. Since being first published in 1974 D&D players have been loving this role-playing game and students who came out to ExpectoCon had the opportunity to play with him and meet him!

Let me tell you about our experience at ExpectoCon because if you did not have the opportunity to come, I want to make you feel like to NEEDED to attend 😉

Thanks to the creator of the wildly noteworthy Steampunk event TeslaCon Eric Larson gave us his newest brainchild ExpectoCon! With over 40 vendors, not including the professors and special guests, students had the opportunity for a lot of fun, dance, learning and of course shopping! Being a vendor I took time away from the booth leaving my husband in charge so I could walk around and take it all in. Thankfully it was a 3-day event because there was so much to do and see, I was able to sneak away a few times during the 3 days to try to see it all. In doing so I peeked inside the classrooms and had the candid view of watching the students inside the classes listening and watching so intensely, it made my heart so happy!

On Saturday night they had a crystal ball with a DJ and honestly, a dragon showed up and danced and sang! (Check out the video on my facebook page). Without a doubt, I heard nothing but positivity and excitement from all who attended. From hearing people shout “Defence against the Dark Arts starts soon!” or “Spells and Charms class starts we need to get going!” Hearing people get so excited over classes or to have the chance to play D&D and talk to the creator was something that everyone loves to hear because of that excitement everyone else in the area gets excited as well, come on happiness is contagious and that is something that nobody minds catching!

In talking to creator Eric Larson about ExpectoCon II he told me this :

So how would this work?

1. We first have to see date and time- The hotel is going through major upgrades. So that is first.

2. We need FULL WEEKEND MEMBERSHIPS. 450 to be exact -500 is ideal! If we have that…we have a budget to work with. Knowing we could get another 100 and then to have up to 300-400 daily passes for Saturday only. $65 for the FULL WEEKEND! FLAT-ZIP- THAT’S IT!

3. We also need so many room nights at the hotel…not sure how many. I would also request as I have done before NO PARKING FEE’s. I hate it when hotels make money over little things.

If we can do that- then there will be an ExpectoCon 2!
No hidden surprises or anything else…we just need the commitment from people.

If you would like to learn more please go to the Facebook Page! (Click Here)


But from a vendors standpoint, it was like watching someone else’s wedding. The excitement, the pomp, and circumstance, everything. It was, in my opinion, one of the best Harry Potter/Witches and Wizards events I have been a vendor at and also attended. So being my first real, like serious Con I am now addicted and can not wait to find the next con to attend….TeslaCon watch out you could have a new favorite attendee soon!

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