I’m Sorry is my Nerd Showing?

When I was starting to get my idea for this article I was in a meeting and was looking around realizing how dressed up everyone was and I was in my “nicer” Harry Potter shirt and my purse is a Boba Fett bag that a friend designed and made for me. I love being the one at my work that is known for her outlandish Star Wars and Harry Potter gear that I wear. The Associate Principal at the school I work at even says “that is what Missy wears, Star Wars.” I like knowing that people see me and they see that I am not afraid to wear what I love. I really do own grown-up clothes but that sounds boring, and who wants to be bored with what they are wearing.

From Star Wars to Game of Thrones even Anime we all have those secret or like me not so secret fandoms that we live and die for. I mean really take me for example, I wake up then check the Star Wars websites, facebook pages and Instagram for any big news or new images then start my day. I need to be the one that breaks news to my husband because I like knowing before him (dark laugh insue).

My nerd shines very brightly and it is very apparent. People see me and say “she likes Boba Fett” they can tell by my handcrafted purse. Without ever meeting or talking to me people know I like Star Wars. They don’t know that I am apart of the Mandalorian Mercs but they know she likes Star Wars. People come into our home and either think to themselves “hoarder” or “wow damn that is an impressive book collection”. I like to think it is that later.

I love knowing that my 7-year-old see’s me so proudly be who I am and not be afraid to show my true self. My daughter sees my best friend and I  dress up in wizard robes, go to Faires to admire cosplay and has seen me more than once go wacko over a Star Wars character. I feel it is so important for her to see that being true to who you are and not giving 2 thoughts of how I may look to others. This is so important for children to see their parents be who they are and see it is ok to like fairies at 32 and to still like dressing up and living out dreams.

I know I am doing awesome things with her when she loves watching Teen Titans with me, wearing Harry Potter clothes waving her wand screaming spells and dancing in her boots pretending to be Wonder Woman. I just really hope that she keeps that strength and in 10 years will still laugh like Raven and dress like a My Little Pony. No matter your age you should be letting your nerd show.

From the start of my day until the end of my day I really love being me. I carry my notebook so I can write ideas for articles, I have a Mythasour sticker on my car because I like to think of myself as a Mandalorian. I proudly talk about my book collection, my love for Harry Potter and how I only work at a school in WI because Hogwarts was not hiring and to be honest the Death Star is just too far from my family to live. I don’t wake up saying to myself I need to try to be a nerd, remember Missy tell people you like books and so on, this is me and when people see me they see glasses, a book tattoo on my forearm and know who I am.

No matter what you like, where you live or what gender you just do you. My nerd shows 24/7 365 days a year and I would not have it any other way.

Like I say Be Yourself – Nerd Proudly

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