How to: Be Yourself – Nerd Proudly

**This means be you! If you love to read, read until you have nothing left to read. If you love Cosplay dress as anything you love. If you love to game play until 2am. If you love to bing watch Game of Thrones Winter is coming… Be you – Nerd Proudly** – Love your Rustic Huntress

I am 32 and I think I am finally becoming and accepting who I really am. Now I can sit back and look that I am a person who has a passion of writing and reading but I have an underlining passion to help people so I have gone to college for Law Enforcement for 7 years thinking that’s what I wanted to do getting my associates in Law Enforcement and a bachelor’s in Criminal Justice. Soooooo that’s not what I wanted to do, maybe I will work with people using my college. I worked at a school for kids who can not be in a regular school setting as a counselor. Loved It! OH MY, GOD, DID I DO IT!? I will tell you no. I then became pregnant with my daughter and then was a stay at home mom for 6 years. In those 6 years it happened I found the key to myself. I started to write.

I was writing about being a new mom and I truly loved it. It hit a cord that has not been hit since I was in high school English. When my daughter started school I became apart of the school PTA where I met my best friend. I feel like my best friend is the best friend EVERYONE needs! Let me tell you why, when I started dating my husband he had me watch Star Wars. Since he was a little boy he has always been a huge fan, I never have seen a movie a day in my life until then. It changed my life I became a Star Wars Fan. Not a lot of other people who I hung out with liked Star Wars or The Nightmare before Christmas. It was Jack Skellington, Darth Vader and me, a small little world of happiness so I brought my daughter in and she began to also love them as well. So here is my circle of nerd, my 4-year-old and my husband.

This brings me to why everyone needs a best friend like mine.

When you hear the term nerd or geek whats the first thing you think of? Yup that picture in your head, the one your thinking of right now was my image too lol. So I never wanted to be that. I secretly read and owned A LOT of books and loved Star Wars, depending on the day sometimes more than my husband and daughter lol. I met Nichole at a PTA event and guess what SHE WAS A BIG NERD TO!!! So through books and Star Wars, we started talking and now almost 3 years later we have gone to Harry Potter events, cosplay events and so much more! Everyone needs that one person that they can be a complete nerd with and feel like it is totally ok because guess what IT IS!

Since then I have found my place, which makes me happy and feels like all is well. I love to write, read until I fall asleep at 2am (or have to be an adult) and go to Cosplay and Nerdtastic events. I love it, it makes me happy, which made me come up with BE YOURSELF – NERD PROUDLY! Don’t hide what makes you happy embrace it and be you!


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